Unity ads placement id

Dear Community members,
I have confusion in adding unity ads.
in the unity portal there is game id but no placement id option.
but in the app blocks set up there is blocks to add placement id,
my concern is can i put game id as placement id or not.

in unity dashboard goto ad unit and check there is placement id is available if there you not found in placement id then use below default placement id




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Dear sir i make the ads like this but still its not showing

there is no placement id

Always try to search in the community before asking/making topics

ok sir i got it the issue was sdk . now it is working but the banner is still not loaded. thanks for your assistance

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Unity banner have 0% fill rate for India means unity dont have banner ads for india if your traffic is non Indian then may be u can use this.

But most of developer’s said that unity have SDK problem with banner ads.

thank you sir.
Which one has higher ecpm unity or applovin because i am looking for alternative of admob

im using applovin and got 0.40-70$ for indian traffic.