[GUIDE] How to setup Unity Ads

Hello Andro Devs :android_builder:

Today I am here with my very first guide on this community with a demanding topic (i guess:sweat_smile:) how you can set up Unity Ads in your app.

Step 1:- Creating project

Creating a project is very simple.
First, u need to click on this Create a new project Button
After, u will see this

Just Enter the project name and package name

Step 2:- Creating Account In Unity

Open Browser and search for google

Search For

> Unity Id Login

Then Go To 1st website url

SignUp your Account

Accept Terms and policy

Setup Your Account Details

Go to unity Dashboard

Go to monetize section

Create A Project

After creating the project go to the dashboard and go to monetize section

After monetizing section click on Ad unit
After that copy your game Id and Placement ids

now go to the next step

Step 3:- Implementation of ads in your app

Drag Core Component of Unity
it is necessary for Your Project
Android Builder (7)

Then Drag the Ad component According To Your needs

Android Builder (11)
After that Go to the block part

And initialize Unity Core

After that load your required Ads

Load and Show Interstitial Ad

You Can Also Check For Error

Load and Show Reward Ad

For Check , error ads Load Use Block Like This

Load and Show Banner Ad

For Checking errors in Unity Banner Load Use Block Like This

Note:- Banner Ads Are not showing in India currently because unity have not any banner ads for India if your traffic comes from another country then you can use it

You can Also Set Other Ad Like This

I will also try to add a video for the same

Apk:- Coming Soon…
Aia ;- UnityAdsSetupGuide.aia (32.2 KB)

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or edits are welcomed. If u have learned something from this guide, click that heart-shaped button to make it red :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Kindly give the credit to the original author for this part as copy pasting without crediting is not allowed.

I will unlist this for now.


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:grinning: :grinning:okk ok i dont how to make a guide thats why i copy some part of your admob guide


Banner not working, how can i solve this issue

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Banner isn’t showing in india it’s unity platform issues.

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Showing issue
call to
‘UnityCore1 $InitializationComplete’ has too many arguments (1; must be 0)

Post ur blocks here.