News Regarding The New Version Of Android Builder 2.0

Hello AndroDevs,

As you all know, we’re working on a new version of Android builder that is much more special than the live version, but we are aware that merging all of your projects from old servers to new servers may cause some crashes, and maybe you lose your projects and some events and blocks, which will create issues in your project. So we’re requesting everyone to back up their projects as soon as possible before the 2.0 Beta update.

The backup will be available before the update. After the update, maybe you can’t back up your projects.

This change is permanent because we're also switching to heavy servers because the old server was unable to handle many projects and it didn't upload many times. That's why the team decided to switch to the permanent premium server, which is more powerful than the old one.

We’ve also changed our build server recently, and it gives much more power than the old one, and it increases build time too. That’s why we’re thinking of changing the builder server also.

How to backup all projects at once
  1. Open any project in your dashboard
  2. Open file menu option
  3. Click on export all projects

    Note:- It will take approximately 2-3 minutes to back up all projects and create a zip file all at once.

Thank You,
Team android builder :android_builder: :india: