I don't get the real admob ads and I want to customize an admob ad?

Hi, I download the app to test the ads but it doesn’t work, it only shows up in test mode. Does anyone know why?
and another question to customize an ad that appears in a block of let’s say 162×162 does anyone know how???

Is test mode disabled from designer/block ? If the box is checked please make it unchecked then your issue resolved and also add real ad unit (not test ad unit).

Yes, I already did everything but when I download the application I get this

Another question, can’t you customize an ad in a certain space?

Can you provide me a screenshot of your ads components where you entered adunit I’d. Also add your app I’d from keys section that is left hand side from designer.

Only native ads are customizeable. Admob banner ads have different ad sizes you can try anyone from these. But also keep in mind customising ads in low space, may put your account or app in danger bcz it’s against policies.

Can I place more than one banner on a screen or is it prohibited?

No, don’t do this it may lead to suspension of your account. And also make some space up and down of the banner ad.

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Can you send me a screenshot of how to place the blocks? Well, I’m from Colombia and I’m new to this and I want to learn.

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Don’t worry dear, we are always ready to help you. Take a look here then tell me [GUIDE] How to setup Admob ads

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Look at this application, look at how the ad is doing, I want to place it like this, is there a problem placing it like this, does it affect the policies?

It’s native ad you can do this but you need to follow native policy. You need to create same design with ad/sponsor/text.

ok I want to do it like this but the problem is to show it in the place I want

First of all you need to create a design like this then do all this from blocks. But I recommend to use banner ad before native it will be easy to you understand how it’s work.

Is day or night in Colombia ? If you are a telegram user then sent me message at ricky720m , here I sent you sms asap

Yes, of course, but the banner in a block that small would not look good or is there some way to make it look like that? It’s daylight but send me the telegram link

Here is telegram I’d @Ricky720M . Also banner different size is available choose it from block section.

thank you very much bro you are the best :+1::pray:

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