[GUIDE] How to setup Admob ads

Hello Andro Devs :android_builder:

Today I am here with my very first guide on this community with a demanding topic (i guess :sweat_smile:) that how you can set up AdMob ads in your app.

Step 1:- Creating project

Creating a project is very simple.
First, u need to click on this Create a new project Button
After, u will see this

Just enter the name of your project and you are good to go.

Step 2:- Creating Admob Account

Now we will have to create an admob account in order to get our ad unit ids and add them to our app.

Go to:- https://admob.google.com/

And Signup to AdMob account.

Step 3:- Adding our app to AdMob

Our next step will be adding a new app to AdMob.
So to add click to apps and click Add Your First App Button

Set up your app credentials. Make sure to check android option and my app has not been listed on supported app store so i will check no.

At this time, AdMob supports the Amazon Appstore, OPPO App Market, Samsung Galaxy Store, VIVO App Store, and Xiaomi GetApps.

Set up your app name

Our app has been created now so we will click on the done button

Step 4:- Creating ad unit ID

Now under app overview, you will see Add Ad Unit button . Click on that to create ad unit id

Now, select any of the ad types for me I will ad Admob banner and AdMob interstitial

Now give your ad unit id a name and click Create ad unit button

You will see this screen now jus click done and your ad unit is now created

Step 5:- Drag AdMob Core In Your Screen

Step 6:- Find App Id And Use In App

Select Your App ( For App Id )

Coping App Id

Click on Setting

Paste App Id Here

Step 7:- Setting up Admob Banner ads in app

Now we will be setting up our app to show Admob ads.
Drag and drop admob banner component to your app like this

Now for the sake of this guide, i am enabling test mode for admob banner

Now the rest of the process is in the blocks section.

Before we run into setting up ads block i want to introduce you with banner ad size offered by Admob. So, the following are the adsize offered by AdMob

Now we will start setting up ads.

Now try To loads ads on SDK Initialises And also Set Appid on Block Section before Adload

After the banner ad loaded I am showing alert notice using notifier:-

Step 8:- Setting up Interstitial And Rewarded ads

All the things go same in this step as it was in step 5 and 6 from creating an ad unit id to load ads .

Here are the procedure to show:-
Android Builder (3)

Android Builder (4)

Step 9:- Setting up Rewarded Interstitial Ad

Android Builder (5)

Step 10:- Setting up App Open Ad

Set Ad unit id And Orientsion
You can set Two type Of orintesion

Android Builder (6)
Show App Open Ad
blocks - 2022-02-18T174744.433

You can Also Set Other Ad Like This

I will also try to add video for the same

Please Build An Apk for testing Admob Ads Not working on Comanion

Apk:- Coming Soon…

admob_tutorial.aia (4.1 KB)
Ad type Used in this aia–

  • Banner
  • App Open
  • Reward Video
  • Interstitial
  • Reward Interstitial

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or edits are welcomed. If u have learned something from this guide, click that heart-shaped button to make it red :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Please make a video tutorial! How to set Admob and StartApp blocks?


Yes i will make it for sure but current days i am busy so not getting much time for videos :sweat_smile:


hi sir how to use download componrenent


It’s very easy however if you need one tutorial i will make it


Here is the aia for AdMob ads for those who are having problem
bla.aia (2.0 KB)


i need a mopub components plz sir add


Same problem with any of the three options and already change ID and everything.

You have to wait for ads solver patch which will solve all problems related to ads


ERROR : No Ad Config.

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can you show error screenshot and ur blocks


AdMob Ads Not Working On Comanion Build An Apk And Try

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remove Ad unit id from admob and create a new id
and publish your app on play store and wait some time

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I’m trying native ads but only getting text labels but icons are not showing to me.




Maybe because the image value is null


I’m doing all, but it’s does not work and how to do, and please help me

You are testing with real ads which don’t show when you are developing the app. Use Test Ads instead.


It’s only for testing purpose for the using of clock for banner ads only . Drag & drop clock components and set interval for 30000 milliseconds (30sec.). On admob SDK initilize clock enable to true, after this use “when clock” event and load only banner ad.

It’s only for testing purpose for the using of clock for loading ads, showing too many ads after a clock it will may affect your admob account.


I originally published this application on Google Console, and I also have AdMob, when I tried it on Companion, the advertising fee was added to my balance, I don’t think it’s because of the Google AdMob settings.

because I have also published it on Google Console, I will provide a link later after I change the application which is not showing, it will become a public link.

The problem is that everyone can download it but after downloading the application it won’t open

I already replied to your topic that your project must contain an admob core component for running Admob Ads.