[GUIDE] How to use cloudinary?

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  1. Create a new project
  2. After you’ve created the project, drag Cloudinary into it and enter your Cloudinary credentials.

Aia File:- Cloudinary.aia (94.5 KB)

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Not working…

Simply state that it is a bug or that it is not working without knowing or making any effort.

It does not save an image in a specific folder
I have tried with the extension to make sure that the cloud settings are working

I recommend don’t use cloudinary!

If you have big size of data and getting daily huge traffic from your application the cloudinary is not for you. Cloudinary has too many limitation after you close the limit the data between cloudinary to your app stop getting. I am not forcing anyone to don’t using cloudinary , There are subscription option you can subscribe to increase your bandwidth or other limitations.

If you’re a beginner of this platform you can use cloudinary for experimental, I recommend don’t use it for productions.

And always respect our brother @Ajdeveloper for sharing the tutorial :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It depends on the user what they want to use, but if anyone wants an alternative to Cloudinary, they can use FTP using their own hosting server.

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What do you recommend

I am using Google Drive as a storage with multiply account. And using GDrive Direct for Google Drive file direct downloadable link generators. It also bypass virus detection page.

If I got 10+ like I will create a tutorial :grin:

How to use Google Drive as a storage