[GUIDE] How to use FTP?

Hello Andro Devs :android_builder:

  1. Create a new project
  2. After you’ve created the project, drag FTP Component into it.
  • After that, design a user interface according to your preferences. I made a simple user interface for tracking events.

  • Now that we have a complete user interface, we move on to the block section.

FTP Connection & Login

Begin with Initialize SDK.

After FTP is connected, login to your FTP account.

Start tracking events and paste them into the label text.

You can cancel uploading using this block.

Upload Events

Delete Events

Rename Events

Error Events

Aia File:- FTP_Demo.aia (97.3 KB)

Thanks for reading :blush: Any suggestions or are you facing any bugs? then ask or post here to resolve it. :android_builder:

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