Android Builder Beta 2.0 Last Update ChangeLogs

New :pea: 2.0 Last Beta Update

Hello, and a thought for you AndroDevs: it’s last April or the last Sunday of this month. After that, AB will not update with bugs or new components apart from the library. Everything will be released in version 2.0. In short, we are replacing everything, which means every component is also rebasing on the new Android system, which is fully based on material Also, the next-generation compiler, which will add Proguard security in the application as well as in components, will reduce the time of compiling the app as well as the app size.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix Spreadsheet component
  • Fix Default Margin issues
  • Fix Default Padding issues
  • Implement improvements for sheets/charts integration
  • Handle old projects using title vs field in Block XML
  • Fix the File.Exists using Asset scope in APK
  • (Hot Fix) Screen orientation artifacts in compiled apps
  • Fix Firebase by adding extra slashes while storing data
  • Fix Firebase Core crashing sometimes
  • Fix Firebase Cloud Messaging not received notification issues
  • Fix Builder Storage issues
  • Fix SHA1 is showing incomplete issues
  • Fix Notification Style Component Android 13 issues
  • Fix Tapjoy null activity issues
  • Improve Shapes for image buttons
  • Updated Dependencies ( Removed Custom Downloader Dependencies )
  • (Hot Fix) Improved compiler system to compile apps fast

New Added & Changes

  • Added New Chart component
  • Added New Chart 2d component
  • Added New Datafile component
  • (Hot Added) Now Android Builder Targets API 33 ( Android 13 ).
  • Added Storage Access Framework component
  • Added New Translate Component ( Beta Version )
  • Added New ChatBot Component ChatGpt Based ( Not Added )
  • (Hot Added) Added New D8 Compiler In Android builder ( Beta Version )
  • Removed Firebase Category from dependencies.
  • (Hot Added) Added OneSignal Component
  • (Hot Added) Added Firebase Analytics Component
  • (Hot Added) Added Firebase Crashlytics Component
  • (Hot Added) Added Firebase Performance Component
  • (Hot Rebuild) Rebuild Firebase Core Component
  • (Hot Changes) Now Google-service.json is mandatory for firebase component

Update & New Added

And remain the changes or updates. I forgot, so find yourself. :joy:

Libraries New Version

  • Admob Ads (22.0.0)
  • Admanager Ads (22.0.0)
  • Applovin Ads (11.9.0)
  • Adcolony Ads (4.8.0)
  • Facebook Ads (6.14.0)
  • Unity Ads (4.6.1)
  • Facebook Max Bidding (
  • Applovin Resources (11.9.0)
  • Material Latest Library
  • Android Support Latest Library
  • Play Services Upgraded to the latest
  • Firebase Services Upgraded to the latest

Removed Components

  • Cloudsheet Component Depreciated
  • Image Utilities Depreciated
  • Yandex Translate Depreciated

Next Update (Logs)

  • Adding Firebase Authentication Component
  • Adding Firebase Storage Component
  • Adding Firebase Remote Config Component
  • Adding Firebase Dynamic Links Component
  • Adding Firebase ML Kit Component
  • Adding OCR Component
  • Adding Unity Mediation Component
  • Adding Unity Facebook Bidding Component
  • Adding Unity Applovin Bidding Component
  • Adding ChatBot Component
    and more...

More Information

  • Don’t Use Firebase Authentication to avoid crash issues
  • Companion Package Name Change to (IN.ANDROIDBUILDER.COMPANION)
  • BuildServer is recently changed so if you’re facing any issues regarding this please post in the community
  • Also, we are regularly working on AB to complete a stable version. Please be patient.
  • Links of the builder have been changed from the main websites

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Builder Link

Download New Companion Link

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


#Patch1 Update On BuildServer And Companion

  • Fix Notification Style Not Visible
  • Added Recycle View Library, so remove the external extension to avoid build failure.

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Builder Link

Download New Companion Link 2.0.7

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


#Patch2 Update On BuildServer And Companion

  • Fix Firebase Db properties String to Boolean
  • Upgraded Minimum API from 7 ( Android Eclair 2.1 ) to 16 ( Android Jelly Bean 4.1 )
  • Revert companion dialog code capital to lowercase.
  • Fix multiple Meta-Data Element Issues.
  • Fixes some bugs in Android Builder Compiler.

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Builder Link

Update Your Companion Again Link 2.0.7

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


#Patch3 Update

  • Fix Firebase Db Some properties are not visible in the block section.
  • Retrieve Firebase Core Old Properties to prevent The blocks area did not load properly. (It’s only for fixing bugs. A JSON file is still needed.)
  • Revert Firebase Cloud Messaging old blocks name to Fix The blocks area did not load properly. Issues.
  • Remove Duplicate Property from Material Card.
  • Fix unity failed resolution issues in the companion.

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Builder Link

Update Your Companion Again Link 2.0.7

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


#Update Beta 2.0.8

Fixes & Changes

  • In-App Billing Permission Issues Fixed
  • Admob Ads Build Error Fixed
  • Applovin Max Interstitial Crash issues fixed
  • Removed QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES Permission from Package Utilities Component
  • Project Curropt Issues Fixed
  • Removed deprecated DrawingCache functions
  • Fix for the BlocksToolKit Issues

New Added & Updates

  • Android Builder is migrated to Kapx Innovation
  • Update Applovin Facebook Adapter
  • Update Applovin Resources
  • Update Admob Latest Library’s
  • Add new Package Utilities permissions to the Permission enum
  • Added GetEntries Block for Tinydb Component
  • Implement type coercion for writing Spreadsheet values
  • Implement a Stop method for TextToSpeech
  • Helper block support for the Async Image Loader component

Latest Library Version

  • Applovin → 11.11.2
  • Admob → 22.2.0
  • Adcolony → 4.8.0
  • Chartboost → 9.0.0
  • Unity → 4.8.0
  • Inmobi → 10.0.9
  • Ironsource →
  • Startapp → 4.10.2
  • Vungle → 6.12.0
  • Ayet studio → 3.6.0
  • Tapjoy → 12.10.0

#Patch Updates

- Unity Ads Crash Issues Fixed

- In the block section, some of the special characters not showing in the math and logic sections are fixed.

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Android Builder Link

Removed Old Companion & Update To Companion Link 2.0.8

Team android builder :android_builder: :india:


Buildserver maintenance is over. Now you can use it.

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Team Kapx innovation :heart: :blue_heart:


Recently, we’ve been facing build server down issues daily, but today we added two build server options to build applications, and you have to carefully not request multiple times to build your application.

Because multiple times cause server down issues, many users are building applications at the same time that the server can’t handle and refuses to build your project.

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Team Kapx innovation :heart: :blue_heart:


We are facing critical issues with the build server and are now starting maintenance again for 12 hours. After that, the build server will be live again.

Schedule maintenance for build servers today, starting at 1 a.m. IST and ending at 1 p.m. IST.


Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. May the coming year bring you joy, success, and an abundance of unforgettable moments. Happy New Year!

Update Beta 2.0.9

Fixes & Deprecated

  • Onesignal issues fixed
  • Onesignal location warning issues in Play Store fixed
  • Custom Downloader issues fixed
  • In-app review not showing issues fixed
  • In-app update not working issues fixed
  • Startapp Rewarded issues fixed
  • Firebase Analytics crash issues fixed
  • Material dialog crash issues fixed in some methods.
  • Material Sheets crash issues fixed
  • Material Navigation Removed deprecated listeners
  • Fix crashes reported by Google
  • Fix some thrown exceptions in replmgr in the builder
  • Fix buttons not taking a translucent background color
  • Admob App Open Orientation is deprecated
  • Fix issues in Applovin Max Interstitial
  • Appnext native ads onLoaded function fixed.
  • Material Badge Crash Issues Fixed

New Added & Updates

  • Update All Adapter to the Latest

  • Startapp Interstitial Video component added

  • In-app Update component rebuilt.

  • Added Input Type in textbox component

  • Re-added Material Textbox (Still a Little Bit Buggy)

  • Added Shell component

  • Added Async Task component

  • Added Contact Add method in Contact Picker component

  • Added battery Utilities component

  • Added CSV parser component

  • Added Flurry Analytics component

  • Added Microsoft Translator component

  • Added Google Translator component

  • Added New Translator component

  • Added Slidepager component

  • Added Picasso Image Loader component

  • Added Advanced Dialog component

  • Added Top Snackbar component

  • Change Name WifiManager to WifiUtilities & New Blocks Added

  • Added new methods in the Barcode Utilities component

  • Added New methods in Sound recorder Pause & Resume

  • Added New blocks in the Sound Component VibratePattern - SoundNormal - SoundSilent - SoundVibrate

  • Vungle ads Re-modified and made completable with LiftOff

  • Added Applovin Max App Open Component

  • Added Touch Up-Down events in Slider.

  • Added Material Slider component

  • Added Horizontal View Pager component

  • Added Vertical View pager component

  • Added Page Slider component

  • Added Send Push Notification Method in Onesignal

  • Added Google SMS Retriever component

  • Added Google Phone Selector component

  • Added isCard, Corner Radius Property in All Arrangements

  • Added Radio Button component

  • Added Material Switch component

  • Added Bubble Navigation component (Beta) maybe some properties will not work.

  • Added Navigation bar light icons property & made status bar and navigation bar related properties completable with all Android versions

  • Added StatusBarBackgroundColor property for Drawer activity

  • Added Overscroll mode, ScrollBarDefaultDelayBeforeFade, or Scrolling listener to both arrangements and Scrollbar position in Vertical Scroll Arrangement

  • Added file scope in the Custom Downloader component

  • Update In-app billing library to 6.1.0 and get details and got details blocks are deprecated

  • Added Firebase Storage component

  • Working on Firebase Auth component which will live within 5 days

  • Material Components Re-checked

  1. Material Button Re-checked
  2. Material Badge Updated and Re-checked
  3. Material Chips rechecked and ellipse or enable property added.
  4. Material Dialog updated with some extra options
  5. Material Sheets Re-checked
  6. Material Navigation Re-checked
  7. material Snackbar Re-checked
  8. Material Tab layout Re-checked and new blocks added
  9. Material Textbox Re-checked

Latest Library Version

  • Applovin → 12.1.0
  • Admob → 22.5.0
  • Adcolony → 4.8.0
  • Appnext →
  • Facebook → 6.16.0
  • Fyber → 7.8.4
  • Chartboost → 9.0.0
  • Unity → 4.9.2
  • Inmobi → 10.1.4
  • Ironsource → 7.2.6
  • Startapp → 4.11.2
  • Vungle → 7.1.0
  • Ayet studio → 3.6.0
  • Tapjoy → 12.10.0
  • Mobfox → 4.3.2
Some Demo Screenshots of new Advance Dialog Component

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Builder has still built issues, so be patient to fix them.

Android Builder Link

Update your Companion to the latest version Link 2.0.9

Team android builder :android_builder: :india: