🥳 Year Ending Special Weekly Challenge No. #2

:partying_face: Year Ending Special Weekly Challenge #2

Q2) Get The Difference Between Two Days If 0, Then Show Expired Otherwise Show Not Expired.

Condition: Write short code as much as you can, Don’t use any extension

NOTE: Share your Answer to this post below (i.e reply section). Answer should not be same as previously posted answer. Submit Answer In Block Image Format.

Last Date of Submission:
16 December 2023 @7 PM

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Can you explain more?
Or an example

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Could I sponsor a challenge too? I can’t give much but a 5$ gift / prize I could give to the winner.
In my case it would go to the best app or UI made in Android Builder.


user can input the two dates. starting date & end date. so your code should check is the difference between them is 0 if yes then show alert expired else not expired.

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Here is my entry for second challenge of this series.


YearEndChallange2.apk (4.4 MB)