Without Firebase Auth. HOW I Secure MY APP

Firebase currently not in working.
HOW I secure APP Without Firebase Auth.

  • Problem with anyone can remove ads from app
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You can use Fast2sms for OTP verification or SMTP for email verification.

Can you explain more about ads prblm.

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Firebase Google login working or not ?

you can store admob banner id & and admob rewarded id as a string with trim function in variable of screen block.
after initialize set the banner id and rewarded id from these variable and then show ads.

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Why not? Try spreadsheet extension

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anyone pls tell me firebase is currently working of not…bcos last two dys i m working on firebase authentication and thinking like i have made some mistaks in blocks

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Firebase is working but not the firebase auth please wait for the next update.


how much time will it take ?

No fixed date or time.

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