Where the beta server?

where the beta server?
show this error The build server is not compatible with this version of Android Builder.

Are you blind or don’t see the pinned message? When the server is live, we will announce and add the server link too. It’s our last warning to you. If you post the same question, you may also get suspended.

sorry for this i am can not wait for this i am so exciting

look,speak him properly…people come here with their so much problem and with trouble… all and everyone should be treated properly… you don’t have any rights to talk to him like this…everyone is human and everyone have respect…and if u can’t then tell…and there will not day long… when people wil switch to another program cuz here are too much bug… but u r here to guide not to abuse threat…HAR HAR MAHADEV

For your information he posted 4th time same question even moderator or team already replied him and for problem that’s not a problem he is asking gernal question multiple times.

Lol who abused him and team isn’t forcing you too use android builder.

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how to fix this
The Companion you are using is out of date.

This Version of App Inventor should be used with Companion version Use Companion: 2.0.7 or 2.0.7u

Use Beta server is only for building the apps
And for testing use the main server