When you upload the app to the slideme store

When you upload the app to the slideme store


How do I check?


Actually what do you want to say ? Just by sharing a link of other site isn’t enough information about your issue ?

Sorry I don’t know what you want and I also don’t know what I to do for you ?

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I want to publish the application on the store


If there are other stores to publish the application

Yes there are many app store but all stores have their own privacy policy or requirment. Xiaomi get apps, Vivo appstore, apkpure etc.

I think this site is paid to distribute apps. It ask for subscription $69 for distributing app.

Do you have any idea how to do this?

As in the video, because most stores, such as Samsung, ask for this

There is no process regarding this, it’s simple to publish app, upload assets and apk files and get approval for publishing. If app approved then it’s published on Samsung app store.

Samsung store uploading should be free also check out amazon store and instead of paying 69 dollars for that just upload it to play store and your application will automatically get into apkpure and google search and stuff.

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