What is this errro after update

why i am seeing this…in companion this message show Error from Companion: No suitable parent found from the given view. Please provide a valid view. …
and in apk app crashes

Hi @Manish ,

Please provide us more details of your project. Add a screenshot of blocks or aia etc. It will help the members to solve your problems easily.

before update i can go form screen 1 to another screen but now my app crasshes and stopped
u can see error in companion. and if u build apk it crashes not open
Scratch2Win2 (1).aia (1.7 MB)

can anyone solve my problem

It’s your issue. Remove cardview and attach any arrangement instead of cardview.

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Do I have to remove all the card view or this one only ??

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Gou don’t have to remove all the card view u just have to add a vertical arrangement and put the cardview inside the vertical arrangement and on block section dlt the

customscratchcard=vertical arrangement

did the same yet same error
removed all cardview and replace them with either arangemnet or material card of AB yet error same.