What is the path to asset folder if i want to show offline html page

i want to show offline html page which i have uploaded to asset folder. what is the path of the folder please anyone tell

From an Android point of view there are an → Internal Storage and an → External Storage.

1. Internal Storage
The Internal Storage can only be accessed with a rooted device.

1.1 The app package is saved in


1.2. The Private directory is


This private directory can be used with the File component to save / read text (setting the path without a slash). It can only be accessed by your app and is automatically removed when the app is uninstalled.

2. External Storage
The root directory of the External Storage is:

/storage/emulated/0/  or file:///mnt/sdcard/ or file:///storage/emulated/0/ 

To access the external storage, READ_ or WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is needed.


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