What is the meaning of this screenshot

Your ad id permission is missing in manifest file , if don’t include id permission in manifest file you are unable to get your revenue ( money ) .

how to solve this issue

If you are using any ad content then you have to declare that your app uses Advertising I’d in data safety form.

Add any advertising component like admob and simply use test ads to avoid this error

I already filled data safety form still I got error like this.
If I used test ads in my app then I didn’t get any revenue by app.

Something wrong or unexpected you do to fill the Data safety from, Once you declare that your app is collect advertisements ID from user then there is no way to give you the data safety warn continuously. Fill the data safety from correctly and try again (Hope it work) :wink:

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This issue is coming from if the data safety from fill with wrong way. No matter what type of ads you use Admob Ads/Test ads

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