Webview Download Option

How to enable download option in webview?
Please anyone ans me?
I use webview but i can’t download any file like pdf from my app

You can use first use


This block to get the data like download url or content type lenght etc and you can also use CustomDownload Component and there you can use


this block to download file to and also if you use app specific directory then you don’t needs Read and write file permission :love_you_gesture:

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please provide examples on what to put on “id”,“path”, & “url” please

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Hey @djlove254 you can add these things in id, path and url

  • ID - You can add add number in here you want but make sure if you are downloading multiple files then it must be different from last one in another word it must be unique from last one else you can use same id.

  • path - Its the path of the directory where you wanted to store your file you can use app specific directory if you don’t want to take permission because its a little bit hard to get permission from latest SDK thats why you can do this either you can also take permission and then save the file where you want to.

  • url - Just pass the downloading url here which you can get from url above.

i created a webview app using this website https://www.djmovieszone.site/ but to download the content from it has been a problem i tried using the procedure above but not working or its should not be through companion? can you please try and let me know the block you use.

not working
I tried already