Webapp bilder attach with App builder

Hi i want attached web app builder like i build app same as blocks build web app on same blocks if you want to test then thunkable have same service which i want.
I know we need more resources money and time to make this possible but we can start now
please let me know if you need anything. n please understand the future requirement.
Hope we all understand.
Thank you

Didn’t understand…

like in this platform we build android apps now we need same as this platform where we build web apps. Its best if we integrate with this platform means code android app and you will also get webapp ready same as app function
you can refer Tunkable app builder to understand best.

If you want a web app then we need to use the native language for it and if we are going to use the native language then you can’t see more & extra components.

well i got it but at list some basic component to start work like list view data calculation get and post request

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I think it’s not enough for our AndroDevs…

Android Builder is in its initial stages… so we are focusing on developing the android builder only…
If we had any future plans of as u said we will let whole community know but… currently we are working on builder only.

Akshat Rana