WallpaperUtils "Style Mode Error"

I made a wallpaper gallery app. It’s supposed to change your phone’s wallpaper at one point, but instead it shows this: https://imgur.com/v7JIMUc
I didn’t write this error message anywhere in the block editor and I don’t know what it means. WallpaperUtils doesn’t have any “style mode” related settings or blocks. There’s only wallpaper type (home screen or lock screen) but I have it properly set.
How can I stop this error from appearing?

Can u show us ur using blocks.

Share your block property or aia file.

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Use this block in screen initialization, then let me know if it works or not.

Sorry for the late reply. No, it didn’t help.

@im_neodeveloper @ToxicPrince

wallpapers.aia (1.9 MB)

PS: I added the new “FileScope” thing just now. It didn’t help.