Upload screen not working

when i exported a screen and upload on another app it shows this in screens


when i open this screen it was the Screen1 of that app from where i have exported the screen.
not that screen which i have exported.

I think you exported wrong screen by mistake. Are you tried again after that ?

It’s a issue from builder and that’s not a big deal if the exported screen is not working than it’s a problem it’s just a simple bug which can be fixed.

My exported screen name is Maths_Screen but it showing ImportH63790

So it’s not working or it’s not opening?
If u have issue in nameing than i think u have to edit the ais file under this may b u can edit the name but not sure.

screen was Exported in .aiax file

When you import a screen it renamed automatically ? I think you can’t edit name but you can copy screen and give your name.