Upload all blocks guides

upload all blocks guides in your website and give link in your builder block in help section

this help many people , who now use every block .
your documents help many people .

Hi @Arun_Satyam

Are you telling or asking ? If you have any issue then tell us, here the community for helping others.If you have issue regarding documentation, then go to mit app inventor documents, AB and Mit app inventor approx have same documentation.

If any user have any issue regarding any components and blocks, then he will came to AB Community/telegram group and tell his issue.Also the AB Team working on documentation.
It’s @Ricky720M

where not available any post on Decoration ;
if any document link , provide here

What assistance do you require with the decoration component, which block is difficult to set? Please post your request here, and we will respond with a solution.

how to set a border or stroke in vertical /horizontal alignments , send block with example ,
mai kar rha hu to nhi ho rha hai , solution pls

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reply pls @Ajdeveloper @Ricky720M

Hi @Arun_Satyam
I don’t found any option in vertical/horizontal arrangement to set borderline. But I have a solution of this topic, you can use card view for setting border line, you don’t need to set a block. Just simply drag arrangements in cradview & set your border.


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