Total Buggy Platform

This platform is covered with 90% of bugs , did not sport any extension, even showing error after changing the color of any component mostly (dark color) i tried to use this platform second time but totaly hopeless.

First learn English :joy: its support.

Wow we also don’t know this sir thank you for ur investigation.:smiley:
Bcz of 90% bugs our apps are still available on Playstore and get 100k-500k downloads sir.

We have lot’s of users who is using the builder from a long time if u have issue than u have to post it to community like this how u post side feedback.

For your kind information android builder support latest library of androidx with Android 12 and many of extensions using activity, service, intent filter, and more which is needed a attribute android:exported if this attribute isn’t available in extension manifest then extension will not work.

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Hi! Dear @Ahmad_Khan , First of all thanks for your feedback.

Please tell us about, the error are you getting ?
& Also which type of extension are you using in AB. Please post the error and AIX link that are you using. It will help us to solve your queries :smiley:

Thanks :grinning::grinning: