This error is showing

Blocks i am using

hey dear,
Comparison is only possible when label contains integer value(numeric Value)… Change label1 Text to numerical value and then check…



In your Earning App

In Balance Column(Label1 Text), there is no balance loaded

it is saying : Text for label 1 < 650

It is not possible to Compare a String with an Integer

Please ensure that Label1 text is loaded and in integer form(i.e.1,2,3…650)
Not String (i.e. A, B,…Text)

That’s what we can do at max for you at the given point



is there any another way to do it with label text to 0

You can simply use this block to check in a label if its a number or not

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and if i want to, label text is 650 or less than 650 then i want to show msg

Then add one more if condition inside if condition easy :+1:

Check out this post

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