Startapp ads is showing failed notification

When i added a ads sown banner of start app .io but it showing failed to load i tried by downloading the apk format but still showing failed to load i provided you a blocks and a screen shot to you

blocks (1)

I already replied to your correct blocks; it’s the last warning from my side. Do not post the same question again and again to avoid a ban from the community

yes know you sended me and it worked properly but now its crashing to my another application that’s why i discuss my problem as you said i tried that way but it always showing failed to load ads i used in companion as well as in real application i tried another ways also but same problem failed to load and screen start again and again refresh and sorry if i make trouble


Use same blocks as old application dont create new login by own

thats what i am saying the same block i tried but its not working in this application

Call Show ad after ad Loaded

one sec i sended you a blocks to you

blocks (4) and i also try with different variantions also. in previous application its working fine but i don whats the in this


Try this in your aia.
Use notifier if failed to load.

Export your app and install in phone

As yo said i tried this but not working ads is not working and screen is refresh it self again and again
blocks (12)

blocks (10)
blocks (9)

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startapp ads not showing, only the banner works


Which AD is not showing in startapp ads

rewarded and interstitial doesn’t show ad, just like Vungle doesn’t show me ads.

in my case the banner ads and intertitial both are not working

Didn’t get any solution what did i do. did i send you a aia file

Does anyone here know if vungle, chartboost and startapp ads work for you?

When did you try? And how you setup the blocks?

I see that no one has known how to use those advertising sources.

Use Startapp ads which was easy to use and works properly