Spit and add items to global list

my data on google sheet with format
how i cat split data at * and add items to global imglist
thank you

you can try to split it with http or https and then add http or https after splitting something like this :

Like here urlExample is the variable which contains different url of the image just as you have in google sheet load all of them and after that create an empty global variable imglist with empty list and then to add the different url in the list here is the logic for that :

First split the all url with https or http what ever your url is starting from (make sure each image url starts from https or http) then run the loop in the splited variable or data and then check if data is empty or not because 1st element of the variable could be empty, then while adding the url in the imglist variable make sure to add https or http again the url to complete it


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