Some Component Requests

Hello AndroDevs and Staff,

It will be great to see another new components here. So my request is, You should add the following components.

1) Blur View

Benifits - We can create glassmorphic UI by playing with blocks related to blur and opacity. As you know glassmorphism is trending in 2021. Also some other UI designs are possible.

2) Android PopUp Window

Benifits - Android popup window is useful for dropdown as well as in popups. It gives more customizations than popup menus.

3) Recycler View

Benifits - Recycler view is required while loading a lot of list items. If we use normal listview or dynamic components sometimes app lags and crashes.



Amazing suggestions

The team Should consider it for sure


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I’ll understand what you want it will be available in few days :blue_heart:

I’m not understand what you want.

Yea we are working on it :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Maybe he means center dialoge, the popup you show in app

Its possible with layout sheets :upside_down_face:

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Here you can know more :point_down:
Also here is a tutorial on it :point_up:

My comment can be an answer to this maybe :grin:

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Actually we can show popup windows as a dropdown also (using custom arrangement, which is different than popup menu and provides more customization as it takes arrangement as a input.)

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Ok, i got your point now, yeh, its an amazing suggestion for sure !

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