Solution of Image Slider Error

I made imager slider app & successfully working but one error showing, screenshot attached.
What is solution.
Aia file also attached …

banners.aia (2.5 KB)

Show All Blocks Via Screenshot

Not Photo

Please provide solution

Try to enable your clock when you got all the banners images

replace the block

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Change Your Blocks to
Blocks of @im_neodeveloper

Still showing same error, after changing blocks

Screenshot attached…

its not i already check ur aia and edited the aia than i post the block here kindly show the clock block only.

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I didn’t understand it, please explain more

please translate this in ur language.

Check now clock blocks

banners (1).aia (2.6 KB)
If its still showing error than do one think don’t use it

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Another way to create image slider…

If this is not have solution.


This is working well via solutions of @im_neodeveloper

This is well working without Airtable but when attach Airtable with it, it showing that error.

What is solution?


Wait for Data to be loaded from airtable then enable your blocks

Thanks, this is proper solution.

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