Site feedback to the developers team provides everything which other builder doesnot have, and that is also free. We created we published we earn but what is the benefit for you? You must set a small price atleast.

It seems to me that you want to be known on an international level and possibly become a non-profit ORG company or entity to be taken into account in educational and business projects, possibly!

Or simply gain the satisfaction of offering help, learning techniques and methods as well as creating good tools for others, I don’t know!

Only the creator and his staff will know their goals and objective and what they are gaining.


The AB Team has already made the intentions clear of making this builder completely free. So there must be an earning source for them except this builder.

Your projects are not being compromised, you are completely independent to use ads components for free and much more. So make the most out of it in place of getting concerned about "How the team earns?"


yes :sweat_smile: exactly.

From our own Applications
we made through the builder

This Large community help builder to be improved day by day which a small group can’t test and get the most out of it

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