Server error while import aia

Help i want import aia but showing error

Server error: could not upload project. Please try again later!

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1d ago same issue happened to me. But i fixed.

Here is the some solution you can follow

Tips - 1

All you need to do just change the aia file name to random name. Some time duplicate file name can’t be imported also I think there are server limit issue. Hope the issue solved.

Note: Try again change the aia file name to random name until the issue solved

Still not solved then you can follow the Tips - 2

Tips - 2

In this tips - 2 you need to use third party application tools such as:

  • MT Manager
  • Apk Editor PRO

Open your aia file via the tools apk and remove the whole assets you use for your application.

Note: I never tried Tips - 2 for my this issue. Tips - 1 is work for me also Tips - 2 idea is collected from AB Telegram community.

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