Serious Matter :- Android 11+ permission to copy paste file to asd

You guys do no know that how it is possible.

This is possible. There is a way to take permission using saf extension we can take permission in android 11 but now the issue is

That I am not able to copy and paste the folder to asd

-Here is one video by App Helper. But he have created the project on scatchware.

Android 11 data folder full access. Need permission only one time sketchware free project

*App Helper Says - I contact him on mail. So hi is saying that it is not possible on these builders Like kod ** ar Nio ** on and android builder. He said me that if any extension or component that can copy file from download folder to android/data.

*Saf extension creator says that I can’t do that it is not possible. I asked him reason he said I don’t have any reason.

I want solution of this problem. Everybody was saying it is not possible. But nothing is possible. Android builder is god who makes app he can do anything. Please help me to findout this problem solution…

This type app I want to create -

Things we required

  • Download file in download folder.
  • permission required for android 11+ device to copy paste file to asd.

Just need solution to paste a file from download folder to android/data