Runtime error showing when i am uploading image

hey I don’t why is this showing this error i don’t understand what to do this i sanded

a image if any one know then please tell me

List of all extensions that are used in the project.

meaning i didnt understand

What meaning will you understand?

i didnt understand what are you saying is there any thing in my extension which prevent me to upload image or something like this you want to say me

i tried this i companion it cant work properly it showing this error

Send your blocks image

blocks (12)

blocks (14)

blocks (16)
blocks (17)
blocks (18)

blocks (20)

I think change Image variable from empty list to string


The uploading time you are adding id date + date

the dates are strings and can not be added like integers

Review your Logic

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but what about the runtime error it still showing this error

AJ asked you to list down extensions

Show all extension LIST

here is the image that i am using extesion in upload screen

I Don’t know its working properly in companions but in apk file its showing again and again

his error only

hey any one help me out this only thing is error i go

Remove deep host extensions. These are not updated with Androidx.

is there any extension similar to this , hey when i deleting the extension is still showing same error i dont kno why

Now post your aia to check.

BW_World_Life_Frame.aia (6.6 MB)
i sended you a aia please help me out the error to be exact is showing when you go to upload screen and fill detail and click button during click button you will se the error of this

is there any one help me out this problem i tried many ways but happing this angain and again