Related to changes in Google Play Developer Program Policies

Today I got a Notification for Google Play Developer Program Policies

In the mainfest file there should be REQUIRE_SECURE_ENV flag in our apps. I am requesting the developers of AB that update Android Builder for this Policy change.

As an app developer, should I add the REQUIRE_SECURE_ENV to my manifest?

The REQUIRE_SECURE_ENV is open to all app developers who don’t want to operate in an on-device Android container app. We don’t have specific recommendations for whether certain types of apps should add the flag. That decision is up to you as a developer and is unique to your specific security and privacy needs.

Excuse me sir
Kindly explain a little
Is it necessary for all app developers to give the tag or some specific developer.
Can we upload our app without this flag
Please explain

And what is a Android container app?
Sorry but I am from a non technical background so i have little difficulty.

And what is the benifits of adding this tag?

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