Problem occuring please help

Hi team
Am not able to upload aia file in my account
It shows error occurred
Pls help

I am not getting option to reply @Ajdeveloper , so i am editing this this aia size is 6mb , i actually inported it in my account some months ago , but i want to add in other account, i am unable to do

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What size of the aia file and what number of extensions are used?

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Please reply @Ajdeveloper

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Dm your aia to check.

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I try to send you message this error comes though my wifi connection is good

Please help @Ajdeveloper :sob:

Yes, I also faced this issue when writing a message to friend but after closing the tab and opened it again it’s working fine.

But at mine side its not

If its allowed then @Ajdeveloper please share your WhatsApp or telegram

@Ricky720M please help

Bro do you try to clear cache and restart mobile?

@Japanjot_Singh ,

Now I checked, I found that this issue come back again. I think this issue isn’t from user side it’s from backend.

While writing a message to someone else in community, then this error was coming.

I such a matter, @Ajdeveloper will only help us.


Yes it didn’t worked

But why do you want to send message in community to anyone. Why not try telegram. Telegram: Contact @androidbuilderofficial

Bro update your browser and try

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