Problem in dynamic card please use another ID Please help

Id is already exist with another component please use another ID
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

The ID already exists

How is the problem solved

These are my blocks

before creating dynamic list, remove all existing id by using remove id block.

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How do I do that
B block

How do I do that
By block

I think the main issue here, you use for each number loop, get length of list ( is more than 1). Instead of use this variable block try to use number block from for each number loop. Just replace I’d with number blocks and your issue resolved.

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How do I do that
By block

Did you import the code if so why didnt you create any variables ?

Try to add new I’d when creating a new dynamic components. Always use different I’d fro creating a list. This error occurs due to same id

also before you do make the variables because it shows in the picture that variables arent present

I tried to create another variable, same result
The ID already exists
How to do it By block

What different are you using

Share aia with us then your problem is solved bcz I am unable to see blocks clearly and also understanding the language.

can you share the aia so we can look into it ofc if its ok by you ?

is it a duplicate if so deleteing it will help

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that is my point
test (7).aia (35.8 KB)

When entering to view all and return

Are you calling the same data as refresh from two of the web components because i see two of the web components with similar making a list ids

I checked the aia but not getting any error in companion . Con you explain the your main issue in much more details.

There is an error try clicking on the navigation bar @Ricky720M

according to me what i think is happening is clicking on the navigation bar everytime the data is using the same ids of the dynamic components already created.

Solution: clear all ids after every button press on the navigation bar.

One more solution: just change the new I’d to different number that is not already taken.