Privacy policy: “URL provided URL does not link to a valid privacy policy page”

Yesterday chplay rejected 8 of my updates, I searched the forum, tried every solution, changed many types of privacy pages, this is the error Google Play sent me

" Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

Privacy policy**: URL provided does not link to a valid privacy policy page

About the Privacy policy in Google Play User Data policy

Please provide a valid privacy policy link even if your app does not collect any personal and sensitive user data. Starting August 22, 2022, your app must be in compliance with this policy or app updates will be rejected.

  • Review the policy linked below for all the requirements of a privacy policy."

Is it necessary to include a privacy page in the application, when starting screen1, showing the privacy page and a checkbox accept to the privacy page

My application does not require account registration, does not require users to provide any personal information, this my privacy page

please suggestion ideas to fix this error, thank you.

Because of this reason

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The domain is full of spam score change the domain don’t use it.


Thank you, i fixed ssl and google play accepted my update.

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