Point maker app

I want to make a point table app. Is this possible to make like this ?
In this app I will provide the graphic as shown in image and user have to enter all the details like Team name, Matches, place points etc. and the details should be place in a proper place at the time when user download the image.

If this is possible kindly let me know which components should I use to make
Please guide me on this
If anything I can’t explain properly, you can ask me.

In this The background is an image, means I will design this graphic separately. The only text will be added by the app.

Sure you can do this

Make sure to use an component to image extension
And place the components like the tableview or multiple vertical and horizontal arrangements with textboxes. Hope it helps

Sai Neela

You can use Dynamic Components

I will make the graphics manually with photoshop. Only want to add text in proper place as reference to image.

Its better if you make it all in the builder itself so you can get more comfort with blocks and elements also dynamic components is gonna take a while to learn

But in this case every time I want to add more graphic, I have to provide an update ? Or is it possible from database or any other ways you can suggest.

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What do you mean by graphic is it the design ?

You can make a changing design in the app from the database but it should be with a precoded backend and the frontend of the application.

Yes its design. Like colour, size and placement, fonts, etc.

Yes you can do it all using database example: Get particular cell from google spreadsheet and set an image url in that cell and ask the app to get that cell and set image irl to that value in that cell.

Now you have an app with changing wallpaper