Please Help ME Ab team Project export issue

Hey Please help me I tried to Export my project and server error shown

What are you trying to do ? Like export screen, multi project etc

when i try to export my project it show pakaging and than open this screen

Sometime also this error show


Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!

Are you exporting single or multiple project ?

single project exporting

I think this erro occurred when time out, try again then tell me. You can also try to export project in two way, first export from home scree. And second after opening the project. Try this then tell me

Hello @Sliktune , I tried second method ( export project after opening) it’s working fine. Now try again, also check your internet connection.

Wait :slightly_smiling_face: I trying :disguised_face::disguised_face:

@Sliktune maybe try tmr i think ab build server is facing some issues