Once Again Build Server issue found

susg: please take service fee -sell some limited component like admob, facebook etc and manage your server cost.

give us good service we will ready to buy components

I have trying with another my old package name in this case apps Builder Server is working fine.

When I open my apps it’s crashes why I don’t know

Before posting research about your issues that’s not from our side, check your project package name, app name, or app icon to resolve them; otherwise, share AIA with us to give you a solution.

And for your crashes, you may have forgotten something that needs to be available in your project, like ad components that need their core to run the application.

i think you have a lot of money so why come free platform go to paid platform or send monthly salary our androidbuilder team

BHUTAN_TEER.aia (94.9 KB)

please check and let me know information about that issue

i have reply for you but i dont have time now i will reply very soon.


is this package name is allowed?

BHUTAN_TEER.apk (6.3 MB)

“Please correct it and show me; I am waiting for you.”

leave it found issues. i will fix