New ad networks better come

Most of the existing ad networks do not offer banner ads. New ad networks better come

Which ad network you saw that not offer banner ads. All popular ads compents are in AB. Can you tell me which banner components you looking for?

for example unity, vungle, adcolony they do not advertise banners, other ad units are working but no banners are working only in test mode

If banners are working in test mode, It’s confirmed that that issue is not from our side. It’s a configurational mistake from your end.


You did not say that there is a problem caused by you, advertising companies do not advertise banners . That’s why I said new ad networks better come

Already a lot of networks are present and I don’t think our main focus is towards monetization components at the moment.

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Instead of banner try to use native,interstitial ads if you want.

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By the way all the most used and best banner ad are in AB, we don’t know which ad network you looking for. I used admob and getting satisfactory banner ecpm and also for interstitial ad. Facebook is one of tha largest as network in the market. Adcolony best for Videos ads,Unity best for gaming apps. All the adnetwork have some plus point in some fields and also some minus points. So before adding ads in app, do a small research and find from where the audiance in your applications.Thus you will got best response from different adnetworks.I hope all your issues resolved.

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