Need suggestions on Airtable new update about only 1200 records on a table

Hey guys!
Can you please suggest me which database or anything else i can use to set and get data securely, I was using airtable previously but now airtable says you can create only 1200 records/rows and i was using airtable to keep new users data and it can be more than 1200 and i don’t want to buy premium which database i can use now?

firebase Database is best

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Is it secure? cheater can’t change value?

Use MYSQL DATABASE is best and need some of logic to secure database.

Best and secure is Google sheet if you buy extension its a 1 time cost but permanent solution no need to public your sheet so you can understand security.

How to use Google sheets block :confused:

Hey bro,

Can you tell me some examples of logic to secure database. Bcz I also want to use MySQL but due to this limitation that is why I afraid to use of it.


use Encryption of md5 or something same to BIND your queries and
do same to decode on server so it can not be translated in middle of network

My SQL is the best and is secure but hosting an everything is a lot of expense maybe you can find free ones somewhere but I usually use Google Sheets or Baserow.

Hey @kapil_patel
You dont need to pay for the extension you can find free ones with a script written check AI2 and Kodular Community for more.

Sai Neela

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