Need help in json for getting value

I need help in this json. I tried with json tool but unable to get value. I want to get value of “question”, "correct answer ", “incorrect answer” only. It contains 10 question, I want each to get each question value separately.

For sample code; {"response_code":0,"results":[{"category":"General Knowledge","type":"multiple","difficulty":"easy","question":"In the video-game franchise Kingdom Hearts, the main protagonist, carries a weapon with what shape?","correct_answer":"Key","incorrect_answers":["Sword","Pen","Cellphone"]},{"category":"General Knowledge","type":"multiple","difficulty":"easy","question":"Which best selling toy of 1983 caused hysteria, resulting in riots breaking out in stores?","correct_answer":"Cabbage Patch Kids","incorrect_answers":["Transformers","Care Bears","Rubik’s Cube"]}]}

Please help me, if you know about that.

You can do it easily without any extension

Create Some Variable Like This

For Checking Json Structure You Can use this website link

Then You Can Use Block Like this

Now its your turn to modify and use in your app😇

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Thanks my dear friend @SyntaxError403 ,
With your help my problem is solved asap. Now it’s working fine, I am also able to get all value one by one. Thankyou very much :heart::heart:

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