Native circular progress gets removed while uploading extensions of same name

when i uploaded com.pedroza.CircularProgress.aix to one of the project the native circular progress gets removed itself and no where to be founded ( may be because of same name? )

Before uploading extension

Screenshot from 2023-09-11 07-46-26

After uploading extension

Screenshot from 2023-09-11 07-49-23

can anyone know how to fix this issue since i need both of this in my app

Yes it’s because of the same name

Any way to change the name of extension ? or any solution ?

Why cannot try only one

Actually i need both of them since com.pedroza.CircularProgress.aix is used to show graphs and native circular bar is used in the app ui for loading animation

Try to drag AB circular progress bar drag first after that import your extension.

Tried, but after uploading the native circular bar gets replaced in every screen with com.pedroza.CircularProgress.aix and gives error in all the screens.

Any way i just moved to another way to represent the graph

Both of components are important for a beautiful User Friendly UI I think changing the stock Circular Progress name it’s better for us :white_check_mark: Because we can’t change the extension name also the package name without the project file.

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You’re right, but if we remove the old name, then many projects will not open.

Right Boss, That’s absolutely right. Let me do something !!! :sunglasses:
@Lijo_Wilson Don’t worry brother you’re in right place. Keep continue your work we’re on the way to find a solution.


This extension made from Tim Qi’s library I messaged the Extension developer If he replay me I will try to get the source code. If he don’t agree with me I will ask him to change the extension name and package name with unique.

@Lijo_Wilson Sorry dear, You need to take more patient until the owner reply my message. But don’t worry our @Ajdeveloper will do something for you to in short

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thanks for the support

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