My New App Moza!

Moza • Be Creative :cold_face:

About this app

This app is developed by AV Digital India ULTD / AV INDIA ULTD.

Features available in this app Secured Login System, Video play, Search, Profile and more…

Login System: Registration and Login with phone number verification

Video Play: Play in high Quality and option to forward and backward the video and like/unlike / download the video and full-screen the video

Search: Search video available on Moza

Profile: View your profile and others profile and edit your profile

In Moza you can upload your content on clicking upload button

For Download Moza scroll down :point_down:

Current Version : 1.0.D
Download Link


Nice work :sparkles:
Keep going :heart_on_fire:
Best wishes :cherry_blossom:

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Good job but I think you should change the purple color to blue like the URLs or vice versa
but in all cases keep the good work: :+1:

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If anyone have got any error on this app who can send app error in Here

Everything is perfect but can you please tell me why this app required Login information ?

I am not from India and it’s bad for me that I can’t test your app due to the registration function where I see my mobile number is not accept your app.

I suggest you to make the app user can access without registration. If it not possible for you so add country code functions.


Ok I will add country code feature

Also If you’re using any extensions here don’t forget to give there credits.