My Google play console accounts suspected

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Any one help me to fix this

Please share your apk file to check further

How many of your apps have been suspended. Before the account termination

This is new account

If you haven’t published any app on playstore before it got suspended. Then you should check your email, you will see more details of why your account was suspended and an appeal option


now its not recover dear.

It can not be recovered. Because your previous google play console account was terminated. Google don’t want to have anything to do with you.

I can give you tips on how to open a new developer account without google detecting it is you. If you are interested. Tell me.

yes help me

To create a new play account after your account has been terminated by Google you should follow this . Note, it has worked for lots of friends. And 100 percent sure it will work for you if you follow.

(1) You will never use the phone, laptop nor desktop that you have used to login to any of your terminated account to open new account, so you should buy another phone or laptop for this, or use your family members or friend phone, but make sure you have never logged in and will never log in any of your terminated account to that phone, desktop or laptop.

(2) Don’t use the ATM card you used for payment for the terminated google account, this is the most important, you will need to used a new ATM from a different bank account, for this payment. For example you can use your wife’s, father, brother, mother, or any of your family members who isn’t into app development and won’t be needing to ever open a Google developer console account. Or if you have another account with another ATM different from the one you used for the payment of those terminated account, then you can use that ATM from another account. Note : This number 2 is the most important.

(3) Making verification, to verify your account you will need to use another person’s ID. Maybe your father’s :id: , or any family member you are very close With that has the required :id:, and isn’t into App Development. Remember when making payments to fill in the right country of the person you want to use his or her id. Note: that this id verification will affect both your admob account. Meaning it will automatically verify your admob id. With same id your used to verify you play console account. Don’t worry about payment name, because you can put any name as payment name not minding the name you used for id verification. You can also change your address to receive pin. After putting the id owners address during address verification. To get payment on admob please don’t used any old account which you have used any any of your formal terminated admob account, you can used same name, but not same account.

(4) After getting verified and you need to upload your app. THIS IS SECOND MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t use same project name you have used in any app that was in any of your terminated accounts, and also don’t used same signing key. So you are to change your sign key, and aso change all the project names for your apps, also make some changes in the apps, don’t use same icon, nor same screenshot.

I believe this will work for you. Try it and thank me later. Happy Sunday :sun_with_face:


Have you opened another account. How was it. ?