My app is not working in real but in companion

My app isn’t working after building but in companion why?
I have not get any error pop up message, just when I opens first screen opens but second screen not open and app crash

Here is the video you can see how it is crashing . I have do same blocks in mit app inventor there is no crash and in main server of Android builder same no crash , but in here it is crashing why?
I have used startapp ads which is working in companion but I haven’t seen it yet in real because my app is always crashing

We don’t have any knowledge to tell you the issue just after viewing a video :slightly_smiling_face:

Post the aia so we can check

Note : don’t tell people to help u in any other topics replies.

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Bro can you see my aia how to fix this YouTube componant crashed - #6 by MD_MANIRUJJAMAN

Dm me clearly @MD_MANIRUJJAMAN

Here you can see when I login my app crashes , it’s not going on main screen

To identify the problems, you need to post your project or APK. It didn’t help us solve your problem to see a screenshot or video.

Yes it’s works but the screen where I used startapp ads is crashing

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lcom/google/crypto/tink/daead/AesSivKeyManager;

You made a mistake on your side. Without knowing the component you’re using, how can you say the StartApp ads are crashing the application?

Install TinydbProAdapater from Dependencies and drag into screen 1.

And after?

just build and use

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