My app is crashing

If I had issue with startapp offerwall, reward, and interstitial, and I posted in the community for days now, and haven’t gotten any help. Now my app keeps crashing and I can’t tell why.


We apologise thet your problem isn’t fixed yet. Please wait till today’s 8 pm, we will definitely reach you with solution.


Share your application to test.

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I have gone through your aia. Neither your apk is crashing nor your ads isn’t loading. Everything is working fine and the main thing is I didn’t fix anything.
only thing I noticed that banner is loaded but not displaying anything. This is from ad network side, that’s not our issue.

The banner ads was showing. It was the rewards ads, interstitial and offerwall that was having issues with.
KisAsiaTV.aia (1.2 MB)

Can you please share your blocks again to check?

KisAsiaTV.apk (7.6 MB)

Ads is showing without error.