Music Player Bugs!

I have a music player and the music is played from online URL sources. I have some problems with the player -

  1. Not perfect work
  2. Some time auto stop (But I set loop option)
  3. Some time player not working stuck issue
  4. Some time app crashing
  5. Music load take to much time

I want to know that is there any way to load music from online URL source without any issue? I have also try other player from Play Store those player perfect work with my URL and so first load better then my player.

Any suggest for me How can i improve my music player for first load, no lag issue, or you can suggest me a better music player extension.

[Important] How to first load music form URL in music player

You can use Exo player to play music …

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Is it support mp3? and online source URL

Well to know that you can test it …

Hi! ¿How can I use this extension to play music?? I tried but is not working. Thanks

Set your button for start playing

Thank you so much!! I will try it!!

OK i try it but I don’t see the option that you have (the call exoplayer.addMedia path…but I don’t see it). I have these ones: (I’m using the 1.5 version):

The call exoplayer.addMedia path is diferent as you can see

Which version are you using? I tried de 1.05 and 1.04 and I did not find that option for call exoplayer add

Check its docs … may be you can contact its devloper …

Sorry for your questions I don’t know which version I use but I can share the extension with you
Here it is:
com.dreamers.exoplayercore.aix (1.8 MB)

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, so much!! You don’t know how many times I tried to do it and failed. And now it finally works!! Thank you for sharing that version of the extension with me.

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And now, the question is how do I make a list of audios to play instead of only one audio?

the single audio is working but the list does not. If you know how can you please tell me? Thanks

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Well when you are adding a pathaddsd only a single URL there instead of the list you can simply loop through the list :+1:

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