Max native ad not working

i setup applovin facebook bidding but native is not loading whereas interstitial is working. is there any bugs, i request admins, it would take few mins to make tutorial on setting ads, because you know it.

Why are you not searching the community before asking questions?

i search a lot including communities & youtube but there was no clear answer if its working or not.

It is Working Fine

Use TEST Device and test ADS to test

Real ADS From FB Bidding (Facebook) Comes Only When App is Installed from Play Store

you must follow tutorial provided above step by step

this is how, i set up the blocks.

yes, set sdk key,placement it, dragged applovin core, facebook core all set , interstitial ad is showing but native is not, see the error message for native
Screenshot 2023-04-01 143729

It is working fine just check this

I think something is missing if u can than just send the apk in pm or enable debugging mode and check it out urself.

is facebook core required for bidding with applovin and admob otherwise i will remove it ?

Yes ! It’s need to used for bidding.

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share block screenshot please

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