Make Airtable data backup save in Google sheet automatically

Hello friend Now a days i am working in auto-motions to keep out Airtable data base
safer or save user log history or do more functions like

  1. Send Welcome gmail to user
  2. Get gmail when user get resisted
  3. Register events in google events
  4. Save user data in google sheet
  5. Create user log in detailed like user MR X watched Y videos 10minuts
  6. Get user call history SMS and contact list saved in gshet and more and more.

You can do this just by 1 Airtable extension no need any google scripting or coding to copy past need some time to work in airtable auto-motions.

Let me get what is your interest (if i get more response then ill start to make tutorials )

  • Did you need Airtable more functions?
  • Yes i want.
  • No.
  • I know already.

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And the extension is paid or free?

Airtable extension is completely free and you can use available in our Android builder.

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When are you planning to launch that extension?

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Instead of converting airtable to gsheet, why dont you use ditectly the gsheet as your database wiyh unlimited number of rows and lot of customonization available in gsheet???

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