[Major Bugs] Never going to end

I work with android builder like 6+ month but as a Android Builder Helper, from when I join to today the major bugs never going to fixed? Since I join I saw too many user already report or create This topic about Build Failed! Connection refused issue. So why the Founder and other staff not working with that? They frequently upgrade/change build server but why this still showing here. (Disgusting bugs I ever seen almost it wasting my too many time)


So you think that’s the bug? If yes, then you need to learn more about it. It’s happening, and we know about it for sure. Our team already announced that because currently our build server is running on low specification and can’t handle too many requests at the same time, so we already told everyone. Maybe you’ve faced build failure or connection refusal issues in server time, and the running of a builder or build server is not easy; it takes time and money. Also, we are not asking for money from anyone like other distros did, so you need to understand that everything is not possible to do at the same time and respect free things. If there are bugs, we understand and will fix them as soon as possible, and two developers can’t do quickly.

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This is the point. Thanks for the information, We’re appreciate from your reply :grinning:

Yes, but for now, our team will be reaching Gwalior soon to extend the server requirements. After that, we will upgrade our server to a heavy one, and the update will be live within 5 days.


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