LOG IN screen is flickering

I dont no why but when i open my log in screen its flickering blinking countinuelly and i didnt fill any text box it refress again and again i shard a video clip of it help me out and one more thing when i open another app at that time it redirect to me on my app again and gain

Show Your Block ANd You can also send me your aia

Uploading: BW_mini_game .apk…
Uploading: BW_mini_game.aab…
here is my app as well as abb file help me out why this is flikkering and one more is this

when the main screen is open this is showing i changed to clock5 but same problem happing

BW_mini_game (1).apk (6.5 MB)
BW_mini_game.aab (6.0 MB)

@Sharma_Vikram Send Your aia File in PM so i can check the issue

I also had the same issue. The second screen opens more than 1 time. Solution of this problem is that you have to set timer enabled false and timer always fires to false in the blocks of splash screen after timer finished.

BW_mini_game.aia (819.8 KB)
i ll sended my aia file

Any one help me out how did I solve this problem